Eating good food is the first step to a healthy life.

Real food • Made fresh • 1-4 day delivery time

Ever wonder why your pet has allergies or other health issues?

What do you feed? Your pet is important in today’s world. A lot of premium dog foods are still made with corn, wheat, and soybeans. After years of experience with puppies and adult dogs, we knew there had to be a solution guided by science, plus driven with unconditional love.

100% Real Food

Pets need real meat, carbs and vegetables like us.

Safety First

We believe in a spotless facility

Daily Feed

Feed 4% of Pets body weight daily.

Vets Approved

As they say pets grow carnivore growing off the land.

Let’s do fresh, see the personality and behavior changes in your dog.

By sending food directly to you, we can invest in better ingredients and fresher food. Quality never found in a store.

“Regular Pet Food”

First ingredients Chicken Meal or corn? Its generally made with the feathers plus chicken bones all in one. This causes allergies in some pets.

“Real Food ”

Watch the difference how your pet will gobble up the new plate.

“New Pet”

You’ll notice pets have a new calmness, demeanor plus behavior over all.

“Label Tricks”

Foods can hide behind misleading bags. “Made with beef” can mean just 3% beef.

The importance to us.

Finding a solution

We knew ourselves, that a holistic way would feed them exactly what they needed to see a change.

Like they lived in the wild.

 Years a ago we would see many animals living off the land very healthy. Fresh raw meat and vegetables.

Fast & convenient

Shipped straight to your door, save yourself time reading labels at your convenience store.

Plan Features:

How your plan works

Build Your Plan

Pick your choice of meat. Choose from 1 pound, 2 pound or 5 pound rolls.

Try it Out

To start, you’ll get your first box with up to 3-4 weeks of fresh food – perfect for your dog to get a taste.

Fall in Love

If you and your dog love it – we think you will! – you’re all set. You’ll start receiving boxes of food automatically whenever you’re running low.

How much does your dog need?

4% of body weight daily is the magic number. All of Beef Blends are the highest quality beef possible, straight from the farm. A raw beef diet offers a protein packed, nutrient dense, and balanced option for dogs of all breeds & sizes.